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New Tennis Medicine Special Issue

Our colleagues at Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal have just published an “Olympic Special” edition on Sports Medicine in Tennis.

This special issue features research and clinical practice publications from many STMS members and former presenters. Topics include:

  • Injury trends across surfaces

  • Extensor carpi ulnaris injuries in tennis

  • Updated screening results from ATP players

  • Rehabilitation of lumbar stress injuries

  • Managing breathing pattern disorders in tennis athletes

  • Elevating medical care for wheelchair tennis athletes

  • Biomechanical analysis to reduce serve related injuries

  • Change of direction and agility tests in tennis

The special edition journal is open access for download here.

Explore the latest edition of the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal, “Targeted Topic: Sports Medicine in Tennis”, curated by our Guest Editor, Milena Mirkovic, Senior Physiotherapist. This issue covers vital topics such as Sports Medicine in Tennis, Physiotherapy in Tennis, the Wheelchair Tennis Athlete, and Tennis Sports Science and Technology. It also revisits influential classics that continue to shape the field. Additionally, enjoy an exclusive interview with Emma Raducanu, the youngest female ever to win the US Open, as she discusses her professional journey, collaboration with her medical team, and the demands of being a 21st-century elite tennis player.

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