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Cassidy Foley Davelaar, D.O.
F.A.A.P., C.A.Q.S.M.

How long have you been involved in tennis and in what ways?
I grew up playing tennis and love the sport to this day. Teaching tennis was where my passion for helping others developed. Through playing, coaching and traveling to tournaments, camps and lessons, I learned many of life’s lessons. My best day of work was treating athletes at the US Open.

Picture: Nemours Children’s Hospital and USTA Net Generation program at the USTA Training Center in Orlando, FL

What is your current role in tennis and/or tennis medicine?
I am part of the medical team caring for players at the United StatesTennis Association’s national campus in Orlando, FL. I treat the elite young tennis athletes at Nemours Children’s Hospital and advocate for tennis players through hosting conferences and giving lectures and  doing research.

What do you find most interesting about tennis medicine?
I remember being a multisport athlete and having to choose between tennis and softball in 6th grade. I chose tennis for several reasons, but one reason was because the uniforms were more attractive. There is a lot of pressure on female athletes to look a certain way. Add to that with intense coach/player relationships and the incredible mental toll of playing an individual sport and I think female athletes’ health can be at risk.
How do you think we can improve the field of tennis medicine?
Provide a network of trained/certified dieticians, sports medicine physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, strength coaches, physical therapists and other professionals dedicated to protecting the athlete. 

Why did you join the STMS and how are you involved?
STMS brings together an amazing group of people dedicated to improving the care of the tennis athlete. I enjoy learning from their experience, knowledge and research to provide better care to my patients.

Our Mission: To disseminate current and practical tennis-related medical and scientific information to all our stakeholders (players, coaches, health care professionals, scientists, and tennis organizations) in order to optimize the health and performance of tennis players world-wide.
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