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As I write this editorial, the world is in turmoil. Fear, whether rational or irrational, has driven many countries to restrict travel, quarantine citizens, and possibly close their borders in an effort to restrict the spread of disease. While this may sound scary (and it is), most of us are left to our
own decisions on how we approach this crisis. The power of facts and not opinions is at a premium as we make decisions that affect ourselves, our families, and our fellow citizens.
The overall result for most of us involves some amount of social isolation. So what better time than now to curl up with a good book or journal that isn’t focused on the madness and panic we are surrounded by? Here at The Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis (JMST), we are hoping to provide you with something light and entertaining to read that is based in science and fact!
We have 3 featured articles in the March 2020 edition of JMST. The first is a compelling look at the effect of service stance on the kinetic chain and loading conditions by Lamon’ et al. After that Shvorin et al present the use of heart rate and simulation on tennis performance as a way of looking at athletic performance under fatigue conditions. Finally, Correia presents a study on injury surveillance and pattern of medical complaints at ITF junior and pro circuit events.
So curl up and enjoy the read! Remember, don’t panic, rely on factual information to make informed decisions, and for goodness sake, wash your hands!!

Michael J. Griesser, MD
Editor-in-Chief, JMST

Natalie Myers, PhD, ATC
Associate Editor, JMST

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