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STMS Center for Excellence in Tennis Medicine and Science is a collaborative “CENTER” of tennis medical care and science in tennis that exemplifies longstanding commitment to the primary missions of STMS (Society for Tennis Medicine and Science).

• Production of and the dissemination of the highest level of tennis-specific research and education
• Identification of the top tennis medicine clinical programs
• Influential individuals or programs in the field of tennis medicine and science that can provide impact to future participants and organizations in tennis

Each STMS Center for Excellence must meet all the criteria, maintain good standing with STMS, and will be considered and designated such a center after review from STMS Past President’s Committee and approval from STMS Board as one of the prestigious center’s in the world.

CRITERIA: (point system)
• Must be submitted by STMS member in good standing
• Demonstrate collaboration in tennis medicine and science
• Submitted in partnerships given higher consideration

     • SPRING: Deadline April 15th - Decision June 1st
     • FALL: Deadline October 15th - Decision December 1st


• $500 (USD) (non-refundable submission processing fee)
    (annual fee is waived for any bronze, silver, gold level sponsor of STMS and only application fee).
• If application is NOT accepted original processing fee is NON-refundable, however, application may be resubmitted in subsequent cycles
  with $100 (USD) processing fee.
• Renewal fee of $250 every 3 years
       SPRING April 15th (decisions June 1st)
       FALL     October 15th (decisions December 1st)


• Designated as one of the most prestigious Institutions of STMS Center for Excellence in Tennis Medicine and Science in the world that may be promoted 
  by the institution (s) designated with use of the STMS logo and designation on institution (s) website, marketing material and social media.
• (2) Certificate of Designation of STMS Center for Excellence in Tennis Medicine and Science (an additional banner may be requested if needed)
• STMS Center for Excellence in Tennis Medicine and Science Banner (2) (an additional banner may be requested if needed)
• STMS announcement and inclusion in STMS newsletter/Journal
• Ongoing list of “Centers” maintained on STMS website and in the newsletter and/or journal
• Designated “Centers” will be provided to ATP/WTA/ITF for possible referrals.



Our Mission: To disseminate current and practical tennis-related medical and scientific information to all our stakeholders (players, coaches, health care professionals, scientists, and tennis organizations) in order to optimize the health and performance of tennis players world-wide.
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